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DUT-48 The Blue Light Transilluminator is used for the observation of gel electrophoresis. It uses LED light to observe or shoot various dyes. LED light is strong illumination with no harm. It is long life, smart and portable.



1、Blue light prevent users’ easily exposed parts from uv damage.It’s also no damage for DNA fragments.

2、With 108 pieces of LED light, long life and strong illumination. Suitable for observation of large range of

fluorochrome. High luminance, high sensitivity and good homogeneity.

3、It can be used individually as blue light platform while It can also be used matching up multiImager.

4、Uniform transillumination blu-ray module. Low background values. No side.

5、Screen plate fixed at random. Angle adjustable ,Single hand can operate, which makes it’s more easily watch gel.

6、Compared with the traditional uv transmission instrument: uniform transillumination blu-ray module, sample

observation more symmetrical and photo’s effect is better.

7、Import good quality LED bead. Long-term energy conservation and environmental protection. No need to replace

bulbs. Free maintenance and long service life of LED can reach to 100000 hours.

8、Perfect observation with full size transparent optical filter. Safe operation, no need to wear safety glasses or other

protection device.




Model DUT-48
Wavelength 470nm
Max.Gel Size 100x150mm
Voltage DC 24V Power Adapter
Dimension(WxDxH) 210x210x30mm
Net Weight 1.4kgs


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