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Glass bead sterilizer use a heated glass beads for small lab equipment for fast sterilization products. Sterilizers has compact design and effectively sterilize small solid metal and glassware within ten seconds.When glass beads are heated to about 300 ℃, it can effectively destroy bacteria and spores.The model is usually used for forceps, scissors, forceps, scalpels, needles, ring vaccination and inoculation needle and commonly used in research lab

1、Compact appearance design, digital display temperature at real-time. It can be used in ultra clean workbench.

2、Stainless steel inner container, built-in high-performance heating element, high precision of temperature controller

and overtemperature protection.

3、Inner temperature of container is equipped with high temperature sterilization bead can be heated to about 300 ℃.

4、Small volume, light weight, simple operation, long working life.

5、Randomly configurate diameter 1.5 ~ 2.0 mm of glass beads.










Model HY-300 HY-300D
Temp. Control Range 100℃ ~300℃ 100℃ ~300℃
Temp. Stability ≤±5℃ ≤±5℃
Heating Speed ≤25min ≤25min
Heating Well Volume
diameterx depth)
Φ40 x 80mm Φ40 x 150mm
Glass Beads Capacity 300g 600g
Cover Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Insulation Material Green Mineral Wool Green Mineral Wool
Voltage AC 220 / AC 110V, 50/60Hz AC 220 / AC 110V, 50/60Hz
Power 120W 300W
Fuse 250V,2A/3A, Ф5×20 250V,2A/3A, Ф5×20
Dimension (WxDxH) 130 x 150 x 200mm 130 x 150 x 240mm
Net Weight 2kgs 2.5kgs



1. With clean, dry glass beads filled in sterile container.The standard depth below the edge of stainless steel

container about 2cm. Please don’t use other fillers or liquid contact to container.

2. Turn on the power switch and take some time to heat.Then the vessel temperature can reach to the set

temperature. Under the conditions of power turning on it will keep the internal temperature.

3. Don’t touch the glass beads or sterilization container before cooling! Avoid burns!

4. Insert the drying equipment needs to be sterilized to sterilized glass beads as much as possible at least 10s.

5. Turn off the power switch and the closed the cover after finished to prevent dust and foreign matter.

6. Sterilized glass beads must be cleaned at least once per week. Should wait until the instrument cooled completely

when getting out the glass beads.

7. Reuse after strictly clean and dry. (Get the glass beads out and clean with mild detergent soap, After rinsing ,it can be dried)

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