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The homogenizer MT-30K is smart hand held instrument for fast organization homogeneous, separation and emulsification. With different dispersing heads, it is appropriate for 0.5~250ml liquid sample, maximum speed is up to 35000rpm. Its working principle is making the sample circularly loop into a narrow space between the high speed and relative motion stator to shear and break the sample. E.g. tissue such as muscle, liver, breast, etc. can be completely homogenization in 10~30 seconds. It is applied in various territories such as bio-pharmaceuticals, gene research, organization broken, cell slurrying, clinicopathologic analysis, emulsions, nanometer materials scattering, polymerization reaction, cosmetics, ink&paint, fine chemical engineering, pesticide, prospection, environmental protection, energy sources, etc.

1、Designed smart and light. Can operate in one hand.

2、Speed adjustable, digital display speed. Speed precisely controlled to avoid splashing.

3、Suitable for homogeneous dispersion of a small amount of sample in small container.

4、High quality stainless steel dispersing head, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance for disinfecting.

5、Easy to take off the dispersing head for cleaning.

6、High speed and high efficiency motor, long life.

7、Optional H-type stand, height and angle can be adjusted, convenient to take and store.




  Model   MT-30K
  Speed Range   8krpm~35Krpm(1krpmIncrement)
  Rotor Line Speed   6.3m/sec~14m/sec
  Working Noise    72dB
  Voltage   AC 220V,50Hz
  Power Input/Output   160W/110W
  Dimension(WxDxH)   46x55x230mm


  Net Weight                 0.8kgs




  Cat#   Handling 
  Diameter of 
  Outer Head
  Diameter of 
  Inner Head 
  Gap between 
  Outer and Inner 
  Dipping Depth
 Length of 
 the Head
  MT-30K-A   0.5-50ml   6mm   3.9mm   0.1mm   20/90mm   150mm   316L
  MT-30K-B   1-100ml   8mm   6.1mm   0.3mm   20/107mm   167mm
  MT-30K-C   1-250ml   10mm   7.9mm   0.3mm   20/120mm   180mm
  MT-30K-D   H-type stand; used to hold the homogenizer; height and angle are adjustable



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