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Handheld large capacity pipette is suitable for pipetting from 0.1ml to 100ml. It can control the whole process from absorb fluid to pipetting with two buttons. The pipette speed can be adjusted easily. Liquid pipetting fast and accurate, super liquid crystal display, unique ergonomic design, light weight, strong power, durable, fully furnished, is your lab favorate assistant.




1、Ergonomic design, exquisite appearance, comfortable and convenient operation, can be adapted tosuper-long

     pipette. Easy to use, precise control.

2、Adjust the pipetting speed with the button, 6 kinds of aspirate fluid 5 dispense speeds adjustable,unique gravity

     drainage  mode, especially useful for small volume pipetting.

3、New pipetting pump, large power, can remove the large-capacity liquid rapidly. With a strong blow function to

     prevent residual droplets, to ensure the accuracy of pipetting.

4、Top large LCD display screen shows the current aspirate and dispense speed or gravity dispense; display battery

      power, when the battery power is low, the beep sounds prompt charging.

5、The entire electric pipette is light weight, maximum to prevent muscle strain. Equipped with a desktop pipette

      holder, can be placed on the desktop, achieve seat charging.

6、New built-in lithium battery, using a special circuit design, to prevent the battery from overcharging. One time

      charge, can intermittent work 8 hours, charging time 2-3 hours.

7、Equipped with hydrophobic filter. Effectively prevent excessive liquid into the gun body, to prevent



  Model   LEP-100
  Aspirate Speeds   6 speed adjustable
  Dispense Speeds   6 speed adjustable with gravity dispense
  Battery   Replaceable lithium battery
  Battery Service Life   intermittently at least 8 hours of normal use
  Charging time   About 2 hours
  Pipette type   0.1 ~ 100ml glass and plastic pipette, Pasteur pipette
  Filtration membranes   0.45μm hydrophobic membranes
  Voltage   AC220/110V, 50/60Hz
  Charging power supply   DC4.2V 500mAh
  Dimensions(W×D×H)   30 x 161 x 147 mm
  Net weight   0.65kgs


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