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Low speed centrifuge is suitable for extraction of medical products, blood bank, clinical trial and of blood serum, plasma, body fluids and biological specimen in biology laboratory.


1、LCD screen displays time and speed, convenient to set and read.

2、Three patterns: Short mix, timing set:30 to 59 seconds, continuous

running. More efficient.

3、Sound alert after the rotor stops . LCD Screen processing display.

4、Adjustable speed:300 - 4500 rpm, relative centrifugal

force:2490×g. High accuracy of speed and time, excellent

performance. More samples is dealt at one time with high efficiency.

5、Equipped with multiple rotors, large capacity rotor specially made

with multiple options.

6、Applied with high-performance CPU control mode, high speed accuracy and excellent performance.

7、High safety, low noise. High strength plastic alloy rotor and excellent balance technology for quiet and stable


8、Double-level safety lid. Electronic lock is for more safe and reliable rotor operation.

9、DC brushless motor drive quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed, free of maintenance.

10、Timer commences once the set speed is reached, so the separation time is more accurate. Reasonable brake

curve makes sure no mixing of sample. More efficient separation.



Model MT-45
Speed Range 300 ~4500rpm (increment: 100rpm)
Max. RCF 2490xg (increment: 100xg)
Speed Accuracy ±20rpm
Max. Sample Capacity 10ml/7ml/5mlx16 or 15mlx12 or 50mlx6
Time Range 1s ~99m59s or continuous
Safety self-lock, over-speed, status diagnosis system
Working Noise ≤56dB
Acceleration / Deceleration 50s↑ 20s↓
Other Functions speed/RCF switch, touch operation,
operating status display, alert
Voltage AC100 ~240V, 50/60Hz
Power 120W
Dimension (WxDxH) 300x 431x178mm
Net weight 17.0kgs


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