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The mini dry bath is a micro-processor controlled heating block with heater (heating types) or semiconductor refrigeration (cooling types) technology. It adapts onboard use, smart, light and convenient for movement, suit for any kind of occasions. The type 100F is with fan for heat dissipation, which makes temperature down much faster than nature cooling.





1. Unique designed. Smart and light, convenient movement, suit for various occasions.

2. LCD simultaneously display setting and actual time and  temperature. Temperature calibration function.

3. Automatic fault detection function with buzzer alarm.

4. 24V DC input power, built-in over-temperature protection device.

5. Various of blocks for optional choice. Convenient for replacement. Easy cleaning and disinfection.




  Model   MINIB-100F   MINIB-100   MINIB-100I
  Temp. Control Range   R.T.+5℃ ~100℃   R.T.+5℃ ~100℃   R.T.+5℃ ~100℃
  Temp. Setting Range   0℃ ~100℃   0℃ ~100℃   0℃ ~100℃
  Temp. Stability@100℃   ≤±0.5℃   ≤±0.5℃   ≤±0.5℃
  Temp. Stability@40℃   ≤±0.3℃   ≤±0.3℃   ≤±0.3℃
  Block Temp. Uniformity   ≤±0.3℃   ≤±0.3℃   ≤±0.3℃
  Temp. Display Accuracy   0.1℃   0.1℃   0.1℃
  Heating Speed   ≤15min
 ( 20℃ to 100℃)
  (20℃ to 100℃)
  (20℃ to 100℃)
  Cooling Speed   fan cooling   natural cooling   natural cooling
  Heating Cover   no   no   with
  Time Range   1sec ~999sec
  or 1min ~999min
  1sec ~999sec
  or 1min ~1000min
  1sec ~999sec
  or 1min ~1001min
  Voltage   DC24V adapter   DC24V adapter   DC24V adapter
  Power   60W   60W   60W
  Dimension (WxDxH)   110 x 156 x 103mm   110 x 156 x 92mm   110 x 156 x 97 mm
  Net Weight   1kg   1kg   1kg






  Cat#   Spec   Dia. of hole   Hole bottom shape   Block dimension
  MINI-A   0.2 ml x 40   6.1 mm   Cone bottom   71 x 47 x 32 mm
  MINI-B   0.5 ml x 24   8 mm   Cone bottom   71 x 47 x 32 mm
  MINI-C   1.5 ml x15   10.8 mm   Cone bottom   71 x 47 x 32 mm
  MINI-D   2.0 ml x 15   10.8 mm   Round bottom   71 x 47 x 32 mm
  MINI-E   cuvette x 8   8~12.5 mm
  (Maximum edge length 15mm)
  No bottom   71 x 47 x 32 mm
  MINI-F   15ml x 4   16.9mm   Flat bottom   71 x 47 x 82 mm
  MINI-G   50 ml x 2   29.2mm   Flat bottom   71 x 47 x 82 mm


Note: MINI-F / MINI-G is a non-standard module, the insulation cover cannot be closed

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