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Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer can process 50 samples at once.. a variety of accessories can be selected for your choice to meet the mixing needs of different specifications of test tube .Humanized program design, built-in two operation modes : short mix and fixed timing ,which make the experiment more convenient and efficient.





1. Maximum process 50 samples at the same time to make the experiment more convenient and efficient.


2. Microprocessor control, simplistic designed appearance, LED display the speed and time.

3. Humanized program design, built-in short mix and timing operation modes. Operation stable and silent.

4. Large orbital vortex, performance effective. Various types of foam tube frames and pads for option.



Model DMT-2500
Speed Range 500 ~2500rpm
Speed Accuracy ±1rpm
Shaking Orbit 4mm
Time Range 1s ~9999min, short mix,
impluse pattern, continuous
Interval timing betweenimpulse 1 ~10s
Timing set for impuls working 1s ~99min59S
Max Load 5kgs
Cover Plate Size 184 x 311mm
Voltage AC 100 ~230V, 50/60Hz
Power 60W
Fuse 250V, 1A, Ф5 x 20
Dimension (WxDxH) 250 x 426 x 480mm
Net Weight 15kgs






Cat # Description Dimension
DMT-A foam tube frame Φ10mm x 50 245 x 132 x 45mm
DMT-B foam tube frame Φ12mm x 50 245 x 132 x 45mm
DMT-C foam tube frame Φ13mm x 50 245 x 132 x 45mm
DMT-D foam tube frame Φ16mm x 50 (suit for 15mltube) 245 x 132 x 45mm
DMT-E foam tube frame Φ25mm x 15 245 x 132 x 45mm
DMT-F foam tube frame Φ29mm x 15 (suit for 50mltube) 245 x 132 x 45mm
DMT-G foam tube frame Φ38mm x 10 (suit for 100mltube) 245 x 132 x 45mm
DMT-H tray pad set (up pad & base pad) 305 x 178.5 x 25mm
DMT-I acrylic tube frame Φ11mm x 40 (suit for1.5/2.0ml tube) 169 x 84 x 41mm


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