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Smart is a compact mixer with a high efficiency, multiple functions. It integrates design principle of mixing and shaking with intelligent operation and can be applied to a variety of mixing and vortex shaking operation. It not only can mix various micro volume tube, PCR plate, deep hole plate and micro plate and other common laboratory supplies ,but also equips the function of votexing all kinds of tubes. Unique design principle, which combines mixing and shaking with intelligent operation make the operation simpler, safe, and convenient


The excellent radius and dimensional technology blend in with adjustable mixing speed ensure fast and perfect




Plates Micro centrifuge tubes Vortexing various kinds of tubes
PCR plates (skirted, semi
0.2 ml PCR tubes and PCR strip  
384 hole PCR plate 0.5 ml Micro-test tube
96- and 384- deepwell plates 1.5 ml Micro-test tube
MTP miceroplate,ELISA plate

2.0 ml Micro-test tube





Model MIX-3000
Speed Range 300 ~3000rpm
Touch Vortex Speed 3500rpm
Shaking Orbit 3mm
Time Range 1s ~99h59min
or continuous / touch vortex
Working Noise <50dB
Voltage AC 100 ~230V, 50/60Hz
Power 45W
Fuse 250V, 1A, Ф5 x 20
Dimension (WxDxH) 196 x 270 x 170mm
Net Weight 7.7kgs



Three tube-stands Configurated


Remarks 384-well PCR plates,microplates, deep well plates can be
directly put into the stand without stand support.
MIX-A 96x0.2ml tube stand. Applied to 0.2ml PCR tubes, PCR strips
and 96-wellPCR plates(semi-skirted and unskirted )
MIX-B 4x0.5ml Tube stand
MIX-C 24x1.5/2.0ml Tube stand




1 preparation of PCR reaction system

Precipitation suspension

( such as bacteria, DNA, cell culture precipitation)

3 ncubation ( ELISA enzyme immunoassay analyzer
4 protein staining quantitative ( such as Bradford, Lowry, BCA)
5 report gene assays ( such asβ-galactosidase, luciferase analysis
6 premixed reaction system
7 mixing various kind of tubes


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