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The vacuum pump ZK-26 is an important corollary equipment to raise filtering efficiency and enhancing degassing effects. To avoid filtering medium polluted, oil free diaphragm type vacuum pump is a common choice. Oil free diaphragm type vacuum pump forms a vacuum by back and forth movement of rubber diaphragm. Its vacuum pressure is around 0.08Mpa (single-stage). ZK-26 is specially designed to assort various demands of the laboratory vacuum equipments. It can be used for vacuum concentration, vacuum filtration, vacuum drying, etc.







1、Provide enough motor power to reduce fevers.

2、The vacuum membrane is made of high quality oil resistivity and fatigue resistance rubber with 3mm interlayer to

rengthen the textile skeleton. Long service life.

3、Compact and practical, simple operation, high efficiency and low noise.





Model ZK-26/25 ZK-26/100
Flow Rate 26L/min 26L/min
Vacuum Degree 0.08MPa 0.08MPa
Negative Pressure Adjust Range 0~0.08MPa 0~0.08MPa
Filtration Bottle Capacity 250ml 1000ml
Voltage AC 220V/AC 110V,50/60Hz AC 220V/AC 110V,50/60Hz
Power 60W 60W
Fuse 250V,1A,Ф5×20 250V,1A,Ф5×20
Dimension(WxDxH) 196×270×155mm 196×270×170mm
Net Weight 4.4kgs 4.4kgs

1、Filtration efficiency mainly depends on the flow exhausted per unit time (namely the flow index of the vacuum

pump), especially in case of large filtration capacity or high medium viscosity.

2、Besides proper use method (such as reducing inaction continuous boot, avoid solution into the pump body…), the

vacuum pump working life also depends on reasonable motor power, design patterns of vacuum membrane, and its fatigue resistance.

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