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Water bath shaker is a temperature controlled thermostat water bath and oscillator combined biochemical equipment, mainly applicable to colleges and universities, medical, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monitoring and other research departments for biological , Biochemical, cell, bacteria and other liquid, solid-state chemical oscillation. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for precision cultivation of plant, biology, microbe, genetic virus, medicine, environmental protection and other scientific research, education and production departments.


1、Unique and novel appearance, small size, powerful functions. All surfaces in contact with water are made of

      high-quality stainless steel and are corrosion-resistant.

2、TFT LCD holographic displays operating speed, temperature, time. Graphic dynamic symbols and precise data at

      a glance.

3、Built-in chip memory storage mode, memory 9 kinds commonly used combination of parameters, and can achieve

      single-node cycle or multi-node pulse cycle. To meet more experimental requirements.

4、Using microcomputer program PID automatic temperature control, with a good temperature uniformity, high

      temperature control accuracy, safety and comprehensive protection features.

5、Oscillation and heating using split design, the moving frame can be taken out when it does not do not need to

      oscillation, canbe usedas a constant temperature water bath box, a dual-purpose machine.

6、DC motor, low noise, maintenance-free, long service life.

7、Transparent clamshell design, easy to operate, real-time observation of the internal operating status.



  Model   SWT-100
  Heating capacity   10L
  Temp. Control Range   R.T.+5℃ ~100℃
  Temp.Stability(100℃)   ±0.5℃
  Oscillation mode   Reciprocating
  Amplitude   26mm
  Speed range   20~200rpm
  Sink size((W×D×H)   250x304x200mm
  Voltage   AC220/110V, 50/60Hz
  Power   1100W
  Dimensions(W×D×H)   288 x 506 x 350 mm
  Net weight   10kgs


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