Deals in Air Bath

The air bath ET-60 is one multipurpose incubator built in micro-processor with PID controlling. It is suitable for sample incubating in micro-plates, Gel cards, beakers, culture dishes, etc.


1. It looks neat and concise. Transparent cover makes experimentation visible. LCD display temperature and time.

2. Various sample containers such as micro-plate, reagent cards frame, beaker, culture dish, etc, which can be put

    into the incubation space. 

3. Micro-processor controls temperature and time. Temperature control with good linear, small fluctuation.

4. Safe and reliable. Beep alarm when time ends.

5. Incubate simultaneously for various containers to improve experiment efficiency.


  Model   ET-60
  Temp. Control Range   R.T.+5℃ ~60℃
  Temp. Setting Range   5℃ ~60℃
  Temp. Stability@37℃   ±0.2℃
  Temp. Uniformity   ≤±0.5℃
  Temp. Display Accuracy   0.1℃
  Time Range   1min ~99h59min
  Fan Speed Range   1200 ~3200rpm
  Incubation Space Size (WxDxH)   215 x 245 x 85mm
  Voltage   AC 220V / AC 110V, 50/60Hz
  Power   300W
  Fuse   250V, 2A/4A, Ф5×20
  Dimension (WxDxH)   275 x 395 x 150mm
  Net Weight   8.1kgs